In the wake of the Trump Administration’s muslim travel ban, Grey Gersten presented The Golden Door during Armory Arts week at the 2017 Spring/Break Art Show. Installed in an abandoned floor of the Condé Nast building, Gersten projected a live video and audio stream of the Statue of Liberty onto windows overlooking Times Square. The Golden Door subverted the neutrality of New York City’s most iconic imagery by utilizing the turmoil of the current political climate. Within this unique environment visitors meditated on national identity, truth, and impermanence in the present American moment.


Each day from late morning until sunset, the live video stream was projected onto windows 40 stories above Times Square. The image quality of the live video stream and the lighting of the glass windowed exhibition space were constantly shifting. “There were periods where the projected image was completely obscured and you couldn’t see Lady Liberty at all” says Gersten. “Sometimes there was a fog storm on Liberty Island, sometimes neon signs from Times Square overtook the exhibition space. I wanted the projected image of the Statue of Liberty to be vulnerable and in a state of constant change, because that’s the moment America is in right now. The fundamental principles of America are being eroded and any sense of a shared objective reality has become illusive”.


The Golden Door (video and sound installation, Times Square 2017)