In June 2014  Grey Gersten exhibited Custom Melodies — an interactive music exhibition in which participants collaborated with the artist to create custom songs at Mmuseumm in New York City. During the 12 night exhibition, Gersten spontaneously wrote, performed and recorded over 110 custom songs creating roughly 7 hours of new music. Custom Melodies was featured in the New York TimesWall Street JournalRolling Stone,GizmodoInterview Magazine, and other media outlets. Time Out New York featured the exhibition number one on its Things to Do list and declared “it’s safe to say that there hasn’t been anything like this event in…well…ever". 

Visit Custom Melodies for an interactive multimedia experience of the music,art and writing created at the exhibition . 
   Grey Gersten "Custom Melodies" exhibition at Mmuseumm, New York City 2014.   P   hoto: Dean Neistat

Grey Gersten "Custom Melodies" exhibition at Mmuseumm, New York City 2014. Photo: Dean Neistat

“Each song is a musical portrait of an individual" says Gersten. "It's their actual voice - singing about their life. The lyrics are drawn verbatim from their stories and dreams. It's like autobiographical karaoke." Mmuseumm Co-Founder Alex Kalman was the creative director of Custom Melodies and co-produced the exhibition with Gersten. In the future, Gersten plans to curate other artists and musicians involvement in the project and exhibit Custom Melodies internationally and at prisons in the United States.

   Grey Gersten "Custom Melodies" exhibition  at   Mmuseumm, New York City   2014 . Photo: Katherine Finkelstein

 Grey Gersten "Custom Melodies" exhibition at Mmuseumm, New York City 2014. Photo: Katherine Finkelstein

In  Feburary 2016 Gersten launched, an interactive multimedia web art piece that allows users to experience the music, art, and writings created at the Custom Melodies exhibition. “You’re not just exploring music, you’re exploring people” says Gersten. Each of the 110 songs has its own interactive multimedia webpage with drawings and writing that provide a deeper understanding of each person and their song. The website’s unique user interface was conceived by Gersten who worked with designer Matt Goodrich and programmer Julia Wallin to construct the site. Graphic artist Nicole Ginelli’s ambient backdrops give the website a mesmerizing depth. Gersten plans to develop the website's capabilities as Custom Melodies continues to evolve.